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Published on March 20th, 2014 | by GameMaker


Impacts of tourism

The details provided by the author of this game are shown.

Target audience: Undergraduate L4
Subject: Tourism
Focus: To understand key terms associated with tourism impacts

Questions in this game include:

Soil does this as a result of construction and uprooting of trees and shrubs.
Animals lose this when green space is taken to build hotels and resorts.
This form of environmental impact can be in the form of air, aesthetic, water….
This is when traditional rites and rituals are altered to conform to tourist expectations and taste.
This impact can come about as a result of lots of tourists displaying signs of wealth in a poor area.
When tourists fail to respect local customs there can be a culture…
When changes are made to traditional crafts this is known as….
This tends to change as tourist numbers grow and tourists outnumber locals.

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Can you provide a definition of each of the terms above and explain how they link to tourism?

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