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ICT Unit 8.4 – Spreadsheet modelling starter / plenary

The following starter or plenary activity is to support ICT lessons following ICT Unit 8.4 (Models and presenting numeric data). The interactive game and printable crossword below are to develop and test student knowledge of some of the key vocabulary they will need to understand for this unit. Elements covered in the unit include the creation of more complex formulae in spreadsheets, absolute and relative cell references, the use of goal seek and more.

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Quick Game: Unit 8.4 Models and presenting numeric data

Printable crossword

Download a printable crossword on Unit 8.4 (Models and presenting numeric data)

The printable is free – we just ask you to pay with a Tweet or Facebook post using the button below – it is quick, safe and easy. Your download will begin afterwards.


The full system will allow you to view the scores your students achieve (learn more) and will provide students with some exciting in-built rewards that will keep them engaged in their learning for hours.

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