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ICT Unit 7.2 – Finding Information starter / plenary… finding information

The following free starter or plenary activity is to support ICT lessons following ICT Unit 7.2 (Finding Information) in which the focus is using search engines to find relevant, accurate, reliable information. During this work students will develop their research skills through considering more effective use of search engines through careful selection of key words, boolean operators, recognising and understanding URL suffixes, and use of tools such as Google ‘Wonder Wheel’.

The following printable wordsearch and interactive game will develop and test student understanding of key vocabulary relating to carrying out effective and accurate searches for information. This will include how they will find the information (through searches, use of navigation systems, etc). It will also include consideration of the format the information might take (text, images, sound, etc).

Quick Game: Unit 7.2 Key Terms

Printable wordsearch

Download a printable wordsearch for Unit 7.2.


The full system will allow you to view the scores your students achieve (learn more) and will provide students with some exciting in-built rewards that will keep them engaged in their learning for hours.

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