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Human central nervous system diagrams (Biology revision)

This interactive learning game was created for students learning about the human central nervous system and the types of features of the nerve cells it contains.

Playing this game will enable students to be able to identify diagrams of a sensory neurone, a motor neurone and an intermediate neurone, and to identify the similarities and differences between these three kinds of nerve cells. The game will also enable you to be able to label a nucleus, axon, dendrite, cell body and nerve fibre.

Human Central Nervous System Cells

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How does this fit in with what you are studying and revising?

A knowledge of the human nervous system and an ability to label the component parts is an important requirement of many Biology courses.

If you are studying Edexcel GCSE in Biology for 2011 (course code) 2BI01 the specifiction states that in Topic 2 students will investigate how humans detect and respond to changes in their external and internal environments, including the role of hormones and the nervous system.” Specifically, an ability to identify and label the parts of the human central nervous system will help you to succed in the following elements of Unit B1 Influences on life:

  • 2.19 Recall that the central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord and is linked to sense organs by nerves.
  • 2.20 Explain the structure and function of dendrons and axons in the nervous system.

If you are studying OCR’s Gateway Science Suite, GCSE SCIENCE B, this topic fits into module B1: Understanding Organisms. Specifically, the interactive activity shown above will help you to succeed in ‘Item B1d: The nervous system’ where students are expected to be able to name and locate the main parts of the nervous system and of a motor neurone (cell body, axon and sheath).

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