Struggling to revise? Bored with the normal work you are being given? Put the fun back into your learning and play your way to exam success with What2Learn.

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With What2Learn you will get access to thousands of interactive games to help with your learning. No more waiting for your work to be marked to see how you have done – you will get instant feedback and your scores will be recorded on your portfolio.Most subject areas covered and more games being added all of the time.

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Gain access to our award-winning educational tool. You can sign up for a Premium account for just £5 GBP each ($8 US – payments in most currencies available). You can also sign up for a FREE ‘freemium’ student account which will give you access to all of our games and most of the features of a Premium account!

Each student account is able to jump between content designed for different ages (from ages 10-16) and different geographical locations (US and UK). Students enjoy access to thousands of interactive learning games, in-built rewards and more. See our video demonstration to learn more.

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