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Mini-Project (Functional Skills ICT)

This activity is part of a series of resources to help teachers delivering Edexcel Level 2 Functional Skills in ICT. All resources provided here are the strict copyright of What2Learn Ltd and must not be published elsewhere without our written consent.

This task will take several lessons and will provide students with the opportunity to work collaboratively and to independently shape the direction their work (and the applications used) will take.

Standards addressed in this activity

This task provides students with the opportunity to address many of the Functional Skills standards. Many of these are addressed in other lessons within the W2L Functional Skills resources, but the following are more specific to this task:

  • 1.1 use ICT to plan and analyse complex or multi-step tasks and activities and to make decisions about suitable approaches.
  • 8.2 use collaborative tools appropriately.

Click here to download the datafile ‘players.txt’.

Click here to download the presentation ‘Project’.

Interactive assessments

Teachers – reduce your marking and develop your student’s knowledge and motivation with W2L games. There are several activities that begin with the title ‘Project’. The best way to play these is for students to register for a free W2L account, log in and enter share code ‘832263’ to unlock the Functional Skills ICT topic. By logging in to play the activities scores will be recorded and attainment rewarded.

Learn more.

Graphics ICT Game
Teacher Guidance

Suggested method of delivery:

This task should take several lessons to complete and requires a much greater level of student independence (from the teacher) and collaborative working with their peers than the other tasks in the W2L Functional Skills resources. It is essential that the task is clearly introduced in order for students to make the most of the opportunities available to develop and demonstrate their ICT skills.

To introduce this task, slide 1 of the presentation should be shown and the students should have access to the data set ‘players.txt’. In groups of 2-3 they should come up with ideas on what the data shows and what it could be used for. This should move on to a whole-class discussion. This should be followed by the class being shown the second slide (which explains the scenario) and details the next discussion topic.

The first practical task requires students to use the Wallwisher website to carry out collaborative research. Guidance on this is provided on the third slide. Students should be reminded of the need for appropriate conduct on such collaborative online tasks.

Before students begin to create their products for this project they should all create a database containing the data from the data set. To do this in MS Access a new database needs to be created. They will then need to copy the dataset to their own work area before pressing File – Get External Data – Import (they will also need to select ‘text files’ from the ‘files of type’ drop down box). Once they have imported the data they will be able to use their skills in database applications to begin finding relevant information.

After the database has been set up, students needs to be encouraged to work with as little teacher input as possible. Each group needs to organise themselves to create a set of appropriate paper-based and electronic documents to inform visitors to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame about the key players in their selected year. They should be encouraged to use as wide a range of applications as possible and should carefully manage the time they are given to ensure they use it fully (ie finish within the time but not have lots of time left over).

As plenaries (and home learning) for all lessons, students should be encouraged to complete the interactive assessment tasks detailed above.

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