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Printable ICT worksheets

Formal Letter & Internet Policy (Functional Skills ICT)

This activity is part of a series of resources to help teachers delivering Edexcel Level 2 Functional Skills in ICT. All resources provided here are the strict copyright of What2Learn Ltd and must not be published elsewhere without our written consent.

In this lesson students will demonstrate and develop their theory knowledge and practical skills in conforming to standard layouts. They will learn about standard internet usage policies used by businesses and also practice how to accurately structure a formal business letter.

Standards addressed in this activity
  • 2.1 select and use software applications to meet needs and solve complex problems.
  • 2.5 understand the danger of computer viruses and how to minimise the risk.
  • 3.1 manage files, folders and other media storage to enable efficient information retrieval.
  • 5.2 evaluate fitness for purpose of information.
  • 6.1 apply a range of editing, formatting and layout techniques to meet needs.
  • 9.1 use accepted layouts and conventions as appropriate.
  • 9.2 work accurately and check accuracy, using software facilities where appropriate.
  • 10.1 evaluate the selection, use and effectiveness of ICT tools at the task’s completion.

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation ‘Internet Policy’

Click here to download the handout ‘Bad example’

Click here to download the document ‘Good letter structure’

Interactive assessments

Teachers – reduce your marking and develop your student’s knowledge and motivation with W2L games. There are two activities with the title ‘Formal Letters’. The best way to play these is for students to register for a free W2L account, log in and enter share code ‘832263’ to unlock the Functional Skills ICT topic. By logging in to play the activities scores will be recorded and attainment rewarded.

Learn more.

Formal Letter Game

Alternatively, here are shortcuts to the games but scores will not be recorded:

Game 1 >>
Game 2 >>

Teacher Guidance

Suggested method of delivery:

Start by reading through and discussing the PowerPoint presentation which gives an example of an internet usage policy that a business might make employees adhere to.

In small groups of around three, students should be provided with a copy of the ‘Bad example’ handout available from the resources section above. They will then need to spend some time discussing the problems in content, layout and presentation of the letter. This should be followed by a whole-class discussion in which groups feed back their findings and ideas.

Students should be shown a copy of the ‘Good letter structure’ document and the standards for layout of formal business letters discussed. Students should then make an accurate and appropriate version of the ‘bad example’ letter, changing content and layout wherever needed.

As a final plenary, it is important that the class have the opportunity to evaluate the selection, use and effectiveness of ICT tools used to complete the task.

As plenaries (and home learning) for all lessons, students should be encouraged to complete the interactive assessment tasks detailed above.

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