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Games-based learning assessments for Functional Skills ICT

  • Raise student engagement and motivation;
  • Improve exam performance;
  • Bring fun and variation to your lessons;
  • Reduce your own marking!

W2L provides a great means of enhancing student knowledge, automatically generating lots of assessment data for teachers and reducing teacher marking. With a large number of activities specifically designed to help prepare students for success in Functional Skills ICT, this innovative free resource is a must-have for your classroom. It is also a great tool to use for home learning – set some activities as homework and sit back as students develop their knowledge and the system does your marking!

What2Learn student

Interactive games-based assessments for Functional Skills ICT include the following topics:

  • Responding to ICT problems;
  • Computer viruses;
  • Working with spreadsheets and databases;
  • Business documents;
  • Presenting information;
  • Working with files and folders;
  • Working with graphics;

and many more.

How does it work?

Students log in to the online system to gain access to all of the learning content. They learn by playing a wide range of fun interactive games which have been designed to develop knowledge and understanding in lots of different ways. With instant feedback and guidance, students are encouraged to instantly go back and repeat activities to build up their scores and their knowledge.

All student attainment is automatically recorded by the system and, as the class teacher, you get access to flexible yet detailed reports on the progress of individual students or whole groups. The assessment data provided by W2L provides tangible evidence of student progress and understanding. As such, W2L moves games-based learning away from being the pleasant distraction it has been for a number of years into a valuable tool for assessment and exam preparation.

Malware game

Not only does W2L effectively ‘sugar coat’ learning to make it accessible and enjoyable for all students, but it also comes with a range of in-built reward systems designed to keep students engaged and motivated for much longer than most would be through traditional means. These range from the ability to compete in leagues against your friends to running your own farm – any activities on the farm require students to spend credits that can only be earned by completing learning games, making it a great motivational tool to encourage students to independently complete more and more learning activities.

What2Learn farm game farmer Karma

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