1st January 2011

The What2Learn news page has decided that it can no longer hold back the unstoppable power of Facebook and has decided to go with the flow. All updates and news about What2Learn will now be posted on the What2Learn Facebook page. Please stop by and ‘like’ us… everybody loves to feel liked!

10th October 2010: First ‘exam style’ activity on our game generator

We are really excited at the release of the latest game on our game generator – ‘Exam Guru’. In this activity students must supply a long answer to a question, as they would in an exam. They must make a note of how many points the question is worth and try to include enough quality information in their answer.

Exam Guru What2Learn exam game

The Guru will automatically evaluate the quality of the answer provided by the students, providing them with a final score and a ‘reincarnation status’. At this point if they need help with what would make a good answer to the question provided they have the option to ‘Pray for Guidance’ from Buddha! Click here to learn more or to play a sample game.

1st September 2010: Virtual farm for every student

We are very excited to launch a major new feature – Farmer Karma. This in-built reward system gives all W2L students a farm to care for and manage. They must try to make their farm a happy and profitable place but will only be able to do so by spending credits earned by completing learning games. Learn more.

Farmer Karma What2Learn Virtual Farm Game

15th January 2010: American accounts relaunched

Are you based in America? You can now register for accounts to access our Grade 6-8 content or our Grade 9-12 content.

10th January 2010: W2L Version 3 Launced

W2L has become more powerful and flexible than ever before with the launch of version 3. Headline additions include improved reporting of student progress and the ability for teachers add their own games to the main system and track student scores within them. To learn more about the key new features click here.

1st December 2009: National Award for W2L!

The What2Learn project has been announced as the first ever recipient of a prestigious national award. At the Microsoft Innovative Teachers forum in Birmingham, W2L was awarded the ‘Impact and Improvement Award’, sponsored by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT).

12th April December 2009: What2Learn v2.0 launched!

After several months of very hard work we are delighted to announce the new version of What2Learn has been released. We feel that What2Learn has always been a great resource for students but has been rather limited by it’s lack of tools and functions for teachers. This is no longer the case and we feel that What2Learn could now become the YouTube of the online education world. To learn about some of the key changes and improvements click here.

Central to the new version of What2Learn is the use of share codes which enable users to connect to one another. This tool enables teachers to manage and their students and monitor their progress through a range of reports. It also enhances the experience of the students as it enables them to set up leagues and compete against their friends – a great way of maintaining interest and enthusiasm.

Share codes

10th April: Shortlisted for national award

The use of What2Learn at Francis Bacon Maths and Computing College, in partnership with Hertfordshire LA’s ESTMA Department, has been shortlisted for a national award. We are down to the final six within the ‘Best E-Learning Initiative’ category of the TES Schools Awards. We will update you further when we know more.

Update: Unfortunately we did not win this award – the school that the award, sponsored by a company that sells computer equipment to schools, had bought a huge amount of computer equipment for their students. Well done them, just a shame that this is something most schools are unable to do. Still, we will draw positives from being a finalist!

5th January: First multi-choice game on our game generator

Our first multiple-choice game has been added to our game generator. ‘Penguins in Peril’ requires players to answer the questions correctly to save them from the dangers of global warming.

Penguins in Peril game

20th November: OVER 5000 GAMES CREATED BY YOU!

Our user-generated games system has now seen over 5000 games created by visitors to the website since it was launched just a few weeks ago. Select ‘play a game’ from the sidebar to search these games for topics of interest to you.


You can now embed our user-generated games right into your own blog, website, MySpace page or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). To the right of the game you will see the required embed code (in a YouTube style). Simply copy this code and paste it into your own page to add fun, interactive content specific to your requirements.


We have made available a collection of free certificates for younger students. They are all ready for the teacher to print them and add the names of the lucky winners. Click here to see the certificates available. We are also making a collection of free printable Sudoku puzzles available here.


At What2Learn we are keen to make the learning activities as specific to your requirements as possible. As such, you can now either sign up for UK-based content or American-based content. Our American content is largely based on the requirements detailed by the California State Board of Education.


An exciting new feature enables students to personalise What2Learn by designing an animated cartoon-character to sit on their portfolio. After designing what their character will look like, students will be able to add a range of elements and features such as clothing, pets, backgrounds, and much more.

This is not simply something to make What2Learn more attractive to students – it supports the whole learning-focused ethos of the website. To add features to their micon, students will need to earn credits by completing learning games (i.e. ‘learn to earn’). We believe that this tool will provide an appropriate reward to young learners to encourage them to continue learning within What2Learn for longer than they may have before.

Micon samples


We are excited to release to the world our free online learning game generator. All you need to do is fill in some blanks and a webpage with your game will be instantly created. You can then bookmark your game to use it whenever you want or link to it from a website. Game types include hangman, Q & A quizzes, anagrams and interactive wordsearches.

We have designed the system to be safe to use in schools as it has a profanity filter and it is possible for anybody to suspend a game they feel offends them in any way.

We have also provided some teacher guidance to help educators make the most of this fantastic resource.

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