Teacher Guidance

At What2Learn we are committed to having a site which is fun, easy to use, and suitable for users of all ages. Read our policy on e-bullying.

Our game-creation tool provides teachers with a fun and effective way to raise student motivation and understanding. A free resource with no need to download anything, please spread the word by telling your colleagues about it.

There are many ways to use the system, but here are two approaches to using What2Learn’s game generator:


As a teacher you can pre-prepare resources to support the delivery of your subject. Create a range of games related to the schemes of work you are teaching. These games can then be used as starters, plenaries or (if students have access to computers) as individual tasks for students.

Once you have made your games you can simply bookmark them to go straight to them. Alternatively, you can create links to your games from your school or department website.


A very effective way of providing students with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of a topic is to simply provide them with a list of key words on a topic. They should then make a game using these key words as the answers – they will develop and demonstrate their understanding by coming up with the required questions.

Once they have made their game, they will play it to reinforce their understanding. They will also be able to play the games of their classmates to provide peer-assessment opportunities.

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