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FREE and FUN Mathematics games and resources for KS3 and GCSE

In addition to the small selection of Mathematics games below, the full What2Learn system contains thousands of interactive activities to develop student understanding, literacy and motivation across a wide range of KS3 and GCSE subject areas. All scores will be automatically calculated and recorded to reduce teacher marking.

Sample mathematics game


Baseball Mathematics

free online baseball mathematics game


Multiplication Dice Game

Multiplication Dice Game What2Learn

Other sample Mathematics games:

Fractions to decimals matching

This Mathematics game was created for students learning to match fractions with their decimal equivalent. In this snap-style game you will need to be able to spot matching pairs quickly if you are to win the shootout.

gunslinger snap matching game

Halving numbers up to 20

This Mathematics game was created for younger students developing numeracy skills. This game provides an opportunity to practice halving even numbers up to 20.

snakes and ladders

Angles quiz game

This interactive wordsearch is a game based on angles and degrees. Students are asked questions to recall basic facts about triangles and degrees.

archery learning game

Estimating angles game

Practice and develop skills in estimating and measuring angles in a circle. Take on the role of a Great White Shark looking for lunch. Work out the correct angle of attack to make sure you hit the target.

shark angles game

Tree diagram of independent probability

An interactive probability game to develop and test your ability to calculate independent probabilities. There is also a version based on dependent probabilities.

Independent probability

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