What2Learn provides a wealth of resources for teaching ICT as a separate subject. It will also help you to integrate ICT right across the curriculum. Designed by a winner of three national teaching awards and based on quality educational materials provided by the Pearson Publishing Group, What2Learn provides a resource that can be used in ICT lessons throughout the year and intensively at revision times.

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At Key Stage 4 we have many general resources to develop student understanding of ICT hardware, software, applications and theory. We have also added content to support the OCR Nationals ICT Level 2 and resources for the new GCSEs which were launched in 2010.
Key Stage 3 ICT content includes over a hundred interactive activities tied in directly with the standard units. This covers…

7.1 Using ICT

  • Working with vector and bitmap graphics
  • Working with multimedia
  • Evaluating presentations
  • 7.2 Sources

  • Different forms of data
  • Surveys
  • Finding information on the internet
  • Assessing reliability, validity and bias
  • 7.3 Making a leaflet

  • The Publisher toolbar
  • Using Desktop Publishing (DTP) software
  • What makes a successful leaflet?
  • 7.4 Modelling

  • Spreadsheet vocaulary
  • Calculations in spreadsheets
  • Logical operators
  • Formatting a spreadsheet
  • 7.5 Data handling

  • Handling data
  • Checking for errors
  • Databases
  • 7.6 Control and monitoring

  • Control systems
  • Flowchart symbols
  • 8.1 Public information systems

  • Types of sensors
  • Working with charts
  • 8.2 Publishing on the web

  • Websites as sources of information
  • Working with HTML
  • Internet vocabulary
  • Layout and structure of websites
  • 8.3 Information: reliability, validity and bias

  • Key vocabulary
  • URL endings
  • Boolean operators
  • 8.4 Models and presenting numeric data

  • Key vocabulary
  • Working with spreadsheet models
  • 8.5 An ICT system

  • Vocabulary
  • Assessment checkpoint
  • In addition to the above, we have lots more additional ICT-related topics to unlock. Many of these are used to support our fantastic printable worksheets for use in ICT lessons.

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