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Volano game

Sample Game: Coastal Processes

Content for Key Stage 3

– Making Connections – OS map symbols – roads and paths, railways, land features, abbreviations, antiques and boundaries
– The Restless Earth
– The parts of volcanoes (II)
– The causes of earthquakes
– Responding to earthquakes
– People everywhere
– Population quiz
– Settlements
– Flood disasters
– Floods in Bangladesh
– Reducing the risk of floods.
– Exploring the UK – Physical geography
– Exploring the UK – Human geography
– Rivers as parts of a river system
– Fluvial erosion and landforms
– The water cycle
– Coastal environments
– Types of coastal defence
– Shopping
– Advantages of out-of-town shopping centres

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Content for Years 10-11

Economic activities
– Employment structure
– Types of employment
– Changes to employment structure over time
– World trade
– Trading blocs
– Farming vocabulary
– Farming in LEDCs
– Shifting cultivation
– The Green Revolution
– Changes to farming in the UK
– Eutrophication
– Manufacturing industry
– The decline of the steel industry in the UK
– Deindustrialisation and reindustrialisation
– High-tech industries
– Science parks
– Footloose’ industries
– Industry in LEDCs
– NICs (Newly Industrialising Countries)
– Industry in LEDCs – quiz
– The growth of tourism
– Tourist areas
– National Parks in England and Wales
– Problems in honeypot sites

Ecosystems and environmental issues
– Food webs
– Biomes – Key terms
– Structure of tropical rainforests
– Effects of deforestation      
– Forest management
– Savanna environments     
– Adaptation in savanna vegetation      
– Desertification
– Afforestation
– The effects of energy production
– The causes of acid rain
– Reducing the effects of acid rain
– Global warming quiz game
– Reducing the impact of global warming

Population and development
– Global population distribution
– Factors that affect population density      
– Factors that affect population density      
– Population change
– World population
– Migration vocabulary
– Rural to urban migration
– Immigration
– Ways of measuring development  
– Levels of development
– Reducing inequalities
– Aid

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