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Heating and cooling (8I): Free KS3 Science revision resources

The following revision games and activities are to help students learning about ‘heating and cooling’. In many KS3 schemes of work this will be unit 8I. Students will learn about conduction, conductors, convection, insulators, radiation, evaporation, etc.

Many activities on What2Learn are free to access and the links below will help you to access the activities you want. The best way to play these activities is to sign up for a What2Learn account which will allow students to enjoy our fantastic in-built rewards (such as a virtual farm to manage) and to compete against their friends. Teachers will also be able to see the scores their students have attained in the revision games.

Sample activity: Heating and cooling quiz

By playing all of the games in the ‘heating and cooling’ section of What2Learn you will be able to answer questions such as:

  • What do we call the movement of heat energy through an object?
  • A material that allows heat energy to easily pass through it is called what?
  • What do we call the movement of heat through liquids and gases?
  • What do we call materials that do not allow heat energy to easily pass through them?
  • What is it called when heat energy is transported by electromagnetic waves, e.g. rays from the Sun?
  • What is the process called When water changes from a liquid to a gas?
More Science revision games on ‘heating and cooling’.

Register for accounts at What2Learn and you will get full access to lots more learning games about ‘heating and cooling’ and other Science topics.

By signing up, teachers will be able to see the scores students get in these games (learn more here) and students will be able to enjoy the exciting in-built rewards that What2Learn offers. Students and teachers will need to sign up to enjoy these additional benefits. Register now!

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  1. lily says:

    i like this website because it is very good on learning your words

  2. Megan says:

    I like this website as I am about to do my 8I examination and need to revise over it. The games are a great way to learn because just reading off a sheet doesn’t really help me but games and videos are a big help. Thank you What2Learn!

  3. John says:

    Thanks for the message Megan. Good luck with your test.

  4. tristan evans says:


  5. cat says:

    i think this website is helpful, but some of the questions are hard but apart from that it’s brill thanks for the help 🙂

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