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Published on January 18th, 2010 | by What2Learn


The Haiti Earthquake – education resources

For many student the Haitian earthquake is the first big humanitarian disaster in their lifetime (certainly the first they will be aware of). It will be important for them to have the opportunity to investigate and discuss this catastrophic event. To that end I have begun to collate some links to useful resources concerning the earthquake aimed at children.

CBBC Newsround

The Children’s BBC website is always a reliable and accurate source of information. Written to be interesting and accessible to young learners it includes stories, pictures, animations, videos and much more.

Geography worksheet

An activity in which students watch a video and then need to categorize information as either a cause or an effect of the earthquake.

PBS Newshour Extra

Some in-depth information for older students, links to video content and a printable worksheet to develop student comprehension (the answers to all questions can be found somewhere within the information on the website).

USGS Education

The US Geological Society have made the Haiti earthquake their featured topic. Including a summary poster, maps and a podcast this provides an excellent opportunity for students to understand why the earthquake has happened and why the impact has been so devastating.

Discovery News

Find out if more earthquakes are expected, as well as how aid agencies are managing to find and treat victims.

New English Lessons

A printable activity which English teachers can use to give students the opportunity to learn about and discuss the Haiti Earthquake at the same time as developing reading comprehension and literacy skills.

Do you know any others? Let us know by adding a comment below.

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