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Published on May 12th, 2011 | by Nick


Give us your feedback

Unfortunately it is human nature for people to generally only send a message if something is not working… it can get a little depressing 🙁 We are sure that thousands of people out there are having positive experiences with What2Learn – if you are PLEASE LET US KNOW!

Simply use the form below or select ‘Contact Us’ on our side menu.


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27 Responses to Give us your feedback

  1. Kate Wood says:

    Just found a wee mistake on a citizenship justice quiz. The age is 16 not 14 that someone can legally buy a pet now in the UK since the new Animal Welfare Act came into force

  2. luke smith says:

    its the best revising website ive ever been on i think we should be able to talk to our friends on it tho

  3. Sid says:

    Gr8 site, loving it loving it loving it.
    I use the site to teach a topic and then test the students on what2learn. I am able to find out all the students results for the class. That means no marking for me and I also benefit from a log of how the students are doing in that topic.

  4. mazz says:

    I think that it could be made clearer so it is quicker to find what you need…however, it is still pretty good..i like the fact that it has games on it so you don’t get bored 🙂

    Thanks Mazz. We have already started looking at a search facility to help you to find games relevant to the things you need to learn. We hope to have this ready soon. John.

  5. lad durotoye says:

    Well done for the improvements you have added to W2L. This has no doubt enhanced the ease of using the facility.
    However, setting up various study groups and not allowing your students to know your first name seem to still be problematic. I tried to do both of these, but neither worked.

  6. John says:

    You can change how your name appears to your students by logging in to your teacher account and selecting ‘Sharing’ and then ‘Manage Groups’. The box at the top of this form says ‘How your name will appear to students’ – enter your name as you would like students to see it in the neighbouring box and then press the ‘Update’ button.

  7. Zu Omar says:

    i’ve made this game
    i need to get my pupils to access it.
    Can you email me on how to do this.

  8. Yvonne says:

    I think this site is great, I’ve set up accounts for the pupils I work with. I think it would be great if I could leave a comment for a student and to show that I’ve seen his/her scores

  9. Chris says:

    Im a student witch is realy bad at spelling and when i do the secseice Games they dont give me points bc i spell it wrong by one wrong when we are not even gonna be checked on spelling. :[

  10. John says:

    Bear with us. We are working on this and it will available in October. We think that the ability to create your own games, allow pupils to play them through the main system so they can collect credits and then you see the scores will be a great feature.

  11. xxxpenguin says:

    this website is good but i would like to see some more World war two things in here because its an important subject and i find it interesting also i find it challenging in the places i need help in in in the highest group for maths but im in the secound group for every thing else and would like to be in the first group so this site is really useful for that.



  12. John says:

    Thanks for your comments. The amount of content within What2Learn is just about to grow a great deal bigger as any teacher will soon be able to make units of games.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy using this it is great fun!

  14. Anonymous says:

    hiya this is way cool blud 🙂

  15. gaynor-ellie says:

    this is way cool blud:)

  16. tintin10 says:

    this site is reeeeeli amazing!!!!!!!!:)

  17. annapatat says:

    Hi,thanks for this wonderful site.I have created some games and tried to save it on my desktop,flash…. the minute i open the PPT slide I only see the first page..NO game what`s so ever .I followed ” Add games to PPT presentations” step by step. Am I doing something wrong ?????
    Can the games be saved on a flash?

  18. John says:

    Hi Annaptat

    Technically you cannot save the games. What you can do is use the embed code your game comes with to add it to a website, VLE or PowerPoint presentation as you described. However, for the game to appear you need to be connected to the internet as it has to pull the game and your questions from our server.
    Hope this helps.

  19. Steve M says:

    I’d like the ability to maintain vocabulary lists from which games can be played. If the vocabulary list was inputted such that a student could select any game to play from the same content, it would make it much easier for me to to manage what wish to teach. At the moment, if I want to revise a topic, I direct students to play old games again. The lack of this feature almost kept me form using W2L, though I’m hoping it’s something that will be implemented in the future.

  20. John says:

    You can make your own lists of games and provide students with access to them.
    These topics you create each have a unique share code which students enter to
    ‘unlock’ and gain access to. Details on how to do this are on pages 6-7 of the
    teacher guide located at //uat.what2learn.com/content/w2lTeacherGuide.pdf.

    Topics you create (which are effectively a set of games bundled together) can
    contain games already in the main system or games that you have created
    yourself. All you need to add a game to your topic is the game reference number
    which can be seen at the end of the web address of the game.

    As well as topics that you put together yourself, there is a growing list of
    topics that have been created by others. I try to keep something of a list
    updated at //uat.what2learn.com/new-topics-and-games-to-unlock/.

    Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.

    Kind regards,


  21. Rita says:

    this website is really good
    and i learnt alot of things from it

  22. John says:

    Thanks Rita.

  23. erick franco xxxxx hi says:

    it needs war games

  24. erick franco xxxxx hi says:

    but it is great!!!!!!!!! :}

  25. jason says:

    this website is very good

  26. Darshan says:

    🙂 amazing

  27. Tin B says:


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