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GCSE ICT: online auctions

In Unit 1 of the Edexcel GCSE in ICT (‘Living in a Digital World’), Topic 4 (online goods and services) requires students to learn about a range of online services including online auctions. At the same time as developing this knowledge they will be enhancing the practical skills required for Unit 2 (‘Using Digital Tools’). Similar requirements exist for both AQA and OCR.

These resources have been designed to give teachers the presentations, worksheets, interactive activities and assessments required to effectively deliver lessons on online auctions.


Teaching resources to download

Worksheet One: Evaluating auction sites

Worksheet Two: Writing effective adverts

Handout One: Exemplar of good advert

Presentation One: Exemplar of bad advert

Students with What2Learn accounts should also log in and enter share code 916649 to unlock the GCSE ICT topic with a wide range of interactive learning games and assessments, some of which are related to online auctions.


Lesson One: Evaluating auction websites

Duration: 1-2 hours Depending on time given to class discussion and interactive activities.

Full instructions for this lesson are in worksheet 1. It is important to try to allow students to demonstrate, draw upon and share as much personal experience as possible. The one area that needs careful planning beforehand is task three which requires students to explore an auction website. Ebay is the obvious choice but in many establishments this will be blocked by web filters so it may be necessary to have it unblocked for the duration of the lesson or to find an alternative site which is not blocked. A quick search on Google will give you access to a huge range of alternatives.

Lesson Two: Writing effective adverts

Duration: 1 hour

For this lesson students will need a copy of worksheet two and handout one. Presentation one will need to be displayed to the class at the appropriate time. Full instructions for the task are in the worksheet.

In this task it is important that the focus is not simply on developing knowledge of online auctions. Students need to be developing and demonstrating good skills in the use of their chosen application when creating their advert. They should be encouraged to think carefully about the use of font styles, font colours, font sizes, alignment, use of shading, location of pictures, flow of text around pictures, tools for adding emphasis, etc.

Interactive activities and assessments

There are interactive learning games and assessments covering many elements of GCSE ICT within What2Learn. Simply sign up for your accounts and enter share code 916649 once you are logged in. Below you will find a sample game.

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