volcanoes wih sydnee!!!!!:)

Interactive game 72071:

    Questions include:
  • what comes out of a volcanoe
  • is drayton hot!!!
    Answers include:
  • 100000000000 13 3 2 ,
  • falling trees and such i don't know what double what ,
  • keylee,mallory,adri lava,harmful gas,debris mrs minor>3x all the above ,
  • magma harmful gas cottom candy mr.H ,
  • moutn sant helanse yellow stone hawwii islands brenns butt ,
  • yeah baby!!!!:) kind of no!!!:( no mr.h is!
  • yeah baby!!!!:) kind of no!!!:( no mr.h is!
  • yeah baby!!!!:) kind of no!!!:( no mr.h is!

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be cool until you pee your pants . everybody my age is learning how to pee your pants:D miley cyrus and billy ray cyrus do it

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