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If you can't see the 4-digit code to type in, then click the Refresh button in your browser, or press F5 on your keyboard.

If for some reason that still does not work, go back to the the play page for game 91814 and click the flag this game link again.

What2Learn are committed to having a site which is fun, easy to use, and suitable for users of all ages. Read our e-bullying policy.

We have taken the decision that it would be better to suspend too many games than too few, and therefore any user can flag a game for suspension. This means that no-one can play it.

In order to protect the system from abuse, we do have a couple of checks in place:

  • You will be required to enter a code (known as a CAPTCHA) which proves you are a real user, and not a computer.
  • You can only flag 1 game for suspension every 10 minutes.

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