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ICT / Computing

Published on March 30th, 2013 | by What2Learn


Fun spreadsheet activities

Are you looking for fun spreadsheet activities for your ICT lessons? Teaching spreadsheets can be a little dull, but not with the fantastic resources available at What2Learn where we combine effective printable worksheets with engaging interactive learning games.

Our resources will enable your students to be comfortable with all of the spreadsheet-related vocabulary and will be able to explain the difference between rows and columns, what a cell is, the advantages of writing calculations as spreadsheet formulae and much more. They will develop their skills and be able to perform calculations, make graphs in excel,Students can sign up to access all of our games for free. Take a look at this sample game to get an idea of how powerful our learning games are.

What2Learn also has a large number of read-to-print worksheets for use in class. These fun activities have been designed to steadily build upon the skills of the previous tasks and result in a larger project-based task in which students are introduced to the concept of spreadsheets as models for helping to make decisions. Our fun spreadsheet activities also try to encourage students to analyse the data produced and to produce more powerful outputs by combining the use of spreadsheet software with other applications such as desktop publishing.

Get your KS3 classes on to What2Learn today. Sign up now and start the learning fun!

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