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Published on April 12th, 2009 | by What2Learn


How many friends do you have?

Part of the fun of the new What2Learn system for students is the ability to set up a bowling league and compete against friends. Simply enter their share codes and you will instantly create a league where you can see their micons and the number of games they have completed.

Who will be at the top of your league? How many friends will you have in your league? Make your league as big as possible by making sure all of your friends have What2Learn accounts.

W2L Bowling League

How to set up your own league…

Step One: Log in to your What2Learn account and select ‘Sharing’ from the side menu.

Step Two: On your sharing page you must find your own unique share code. Tell your friends what your share code number is.

Share code

Step Three: You need to get your friends to tell you their share codes. Enter each of these codes (one at a time) into the box for entering sharing codes. Then click ‘Add this share>>’. Your friends will instantly be added to your league.

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