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Published on February 5th, 2011 | by What2Learn


Find game numbers for your topics


So – you have created a topic. You now need to add some games, but where do you find the game numbers?

There are three ways to find game numbers to add to your topics. For any topic you can add games from all three of these sources.

Option One: Use core W2L content

When you first log in to your W2L account it comes pre-loaded with hundreds of ready-made games covering a range of subjects. You can add any of these games to your new topic. Many people use this to repackage existing content into smaller groups of games specifically aimed at the requirements of your students.

To find the game number of any ‘core’ game that you would like to add to your new topic, simply log in to your W2L account and go to the webpage of the game you want to add. The game number will be at the end of the web address as shown below.

Game URL

Option Two: Create your own games

You can use our game generator to create a wide range of interactive learning games with exactly the content you want your students to learn. With new game engines being added regularly to the game generator, this is a great way of providing a wide range of stimulating activities. It is very easy to do – all you need to do is supply the title, questions and answers and the game is instantly created for you.

Once your game is made you will be told it’s reference number. Alternatively you will be able to see the game number by looking at the web address of your completed game as shown above. Simply make a note of the game number and add it to your topic.

Option Three: Use games created by others

You can search the games created by other W2L users by using the search facility here. Do a search on the key words you would like to be contained in games to include.

Please be aware that W2L has only been responsible for creating the core games that your account comes pre-loaded with. Games created using our learning game generator have been created by visitors to the site and may contain errors and inaccuracies – we would urge you to check the accuracy of the game before using it with your students.

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