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Published on September 16th, 2012 | by What2Learn


Add games to PowerPoint presentations (updated)

Looking to use interactive activities during presentations? We have a free, quick and easy way for you to do this.

Did you know that when you make a game using the What2Learn game generator, you can add the completed game to a PowerPoint presentation?

This is a great way of adding some colour, fun and interactivity to your resources and to reinforce the learning you want your audience to do. Interactive activities during presentations will enhance user engagement and help them to really understand the content being presented. Anybody can do it – no programming skills are required and once you have made a game it only takes a couple of minutes to embed the game into your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint-embedded game

We have created the following ‘How-to’ guide to show you how to do this. Enjoy!

Step One: Make a game using the What2Learn game generator. This is quick and easy to do – simply select the game engine you want to use and fill in a form stating the questions and answers you want.

Step Two: Copy the embed code for your game and paste it into a text-editing application like Notepad. The embed code can be found at the bottom of the page on the outside of the What2Learn system (e.g. if your game number is 1234 you should go to www.what2learn.com/games/play/1234). Then find the ‘value’ reference (highlighted below) and copy it.


Step Three: In older versions of PowerPoint, show the Control Toolbox by pressing View then Toolbars then Control Toolbox. Select ‘More Controls’ from the control toolbox toolbar.

Control Toolbox

If you are using PowerPoint 2012 you need to press the Developers menu tab and then the ‘More Controls’ button as shown below.

Control Toolbox 2012

From the next list of options select Shockwave Flash Object and make a box on your PowerPoint slide where you would like the game to appear.

Step Four: Right-click on the box you have drawn and select Properties. You then need to paste the your game’s value reference from Step Two into the Movie field of the Properties Window.


Job done – press F5 to view your presentation and your game should appear in your presentation.

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