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W2L Info

Published on November 12th, 2010 | by What2Learn


Free virtual farm for every W2L student!

Award-winning games-based learning site What2Learn has just released the addictive strategy / simulation game ‘Farmer Karma’. This fantastic resouce brings a while new dimension to independent e-learning.

Children get a blank farm to manage and care for. The farm consists of five areas:

  • Chicken yard
  • Arable field for crops
  • Pastoral field for cows
  • Camp site
  • Farm house

The game requires them to come back little and often to harvest crops, see their chicks grow into hens, treat their cows, build a range of features, etc.

chicken yard

skydiver game

Where does the learning come in?

The beauty of this system is that doing things on the farm requires credits to be spent. These credits can only be earned by completing interactive learning games. With literally thousands of fun interactive learning games covering most subject areas to choose from, there is plenty of real academic value for all children to do.

From Spanish vocabulary, to simple addition, to the structure of the human eye, the learning opportunities are endless and growing daily. The range of game engines keeps young learners engaged and helps them to learn in a range of proven ways.

What2Learn was already proven to raise exam performance through it’s innovative use of interactive learning technologies. With the addition of this new game which taps into the popularity of online games such as FarmVille, young learners have more motivation than ever to keep returning and completing more and more learning games.

Sign up for a FREE account at What2Learn today and start farming!

Teachers – get your school on board with this incredible free resource. Not only is it FREE and a great way to raise student engagement and performance, but you can see a range of easy to use automated reports so that you can track student performance through the learning games. This makes it a great assessment and home learning tool. You can even add your own quiz questions to the game engines and make the completed activities available to your students – they will earn credits to spend on their farm by completing your games! See our teacher guide for full details of the powerful tools teacher accounts at What2Learn give you.

Screenshots from Farmer Karma

Choice of hens

chicken yard

Buying and selling hens

chicken yard

chicken yard

chicken yard

Sign up for an account at What2Learn today.

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