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Published on January 5th, 2014 | by Nick


Deal or No Deal

Mathematics is not just something to do in the classroom. We use Mathematics all the time in our day to day lives. One area that many people put their Mathematics skills to good use in is while shopping. Are different size packs better or worse value? How much money are you REALLY saving with multi-buy offers?

In this game you will be shown lots of different products which have changed prices. The question is whether the new product is a good deal or not.

Type Yes or No to whether you think each question is a now a good deal for the given prices.

Questions in this game are:

Original: $3.79 per jar of pickles New: $2.00 per jar of pickles
Original: $15.99 per jug New: $19.50 per jug
Original: $6.99 for 20 New: $34.99 for 100
Original: 16 GB for $12.49 New: 32 GB for $21.95
Original: $22.79 New: $6.64
Original: $169.95 New: $195.00
Original: $19.99 New: $0.99
Original: $0.31 per pack New: $0.75 per pack

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Deal or No Deal Nick
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