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ICT / Computing

Published on January 14th, 2015 | by What2Learn


Components of computer systems

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The new curriculum clearly states that pupils must understand the hardware components that make up computer systems. How you go about meeting this requirement will depend greatly on your own knowledge of this area combined with your access to resources to help you deliver relevant lessons. If this is an area of weakness for you (and it could be an area of weakness amongst all teaching colleagues within the department) it may be beneficial to hold a dialogue with the network management team within your school to see what support they are able to offer.

Suggested delivery: minimum requirements

Many colleagues will be beyond their comfort zone when needing to teach classes about the inner workings of a personal computer. In such cases it would be sensible to share a video such as the computer tour at the howstuffworks website:


Pupils should use the video tour to complete the ‘computer parts’ worksheet which can be downloaded below.

Extension task:

If your classes are comfortable with the excellent online tool ‘Prezi’ they could make a virtual tour of the component parts of a computer. By sourcing a large, high resolution image of the inside of a computer and adding this to a prezi they could then create a pathway around the image zooming into different components and explaining their function.

Suggested delivery: enhanced experience

Most schools have some old obsolete computers lying around (speak to your network support staff). Pupils will really enjoy learning about the component parts of a computer by seeing one taken apart and discussing each part as it is removed (or put back in if trendat.net you are working in the reverse order). Depending on class sizes it may be possible to have pupils play an active part in this activity. It may be possible for network support staff or even Post-16 pupils to do this with small groups of pupils. Such a demonstration would remove the need to use the video tour referenced in the minimum requirements detailed above.

Your network staff may also be able to provide you with a range of computer components including RAM, a processor, a power supply, a heat sink, etc. These can each be given a number and in small teams students given the opportunity to examine each in turn and match the part with the correct name. Going through the correct answers as a class will provide the opportunity to further discuss the role and importance of each component part.

Additional Task 1: Can you label the back of a computer?

Do you know what the different parts are at the back of a computer? This interactive labelling activity will help you to know what the USB ports are, the keyboard connector, the parallel port, etc.

Simply drag and drop the labels to the appropriate place to see if you are right or wrong.

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Additional Task 2: Computer components game

Can you match the names of computer components to their descriptions? You will need to be fast in this game of gunslinger snap!

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