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Published on January 19th, 2014 | by What2Learn


Ancient Egyptians – History games

Are you ready to test your knowledge of Ancient Egypt? This page contains two interacive learning games to use with History classes studying Ancient Egypt.

Game One: Hangman

This interactive hangman game was created to support a classroom project on Ancient Egyptians. Play the game to see how many of the words you can guess. In addition to knowing the words in this game, you should also make sure you know what each of the words actually means – carry out some research on Egypt if you do not know what some of the words mean.

Struggling with this game? Press the link below to see the words relating to Ancient Egypt which are included in this game.

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Game Two: Quiz

This quiz game for History lessons will test your knowledge of some key facts concerning Ancient Egypt. The questions included in this game are:

  • What is the famous river in Egypt?
  • Were craftsmen skilled workers?
  • Egyptians are well known for building ______________
  • What is the sea by Egypt?
  • Who was believed to be a God on earth?
  • Did Egpytians used to believe in an afterlife?
  • Who was responsible for making local laws and keeping order?
  • Who is the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead?

Have a go at the game about Ancient Egypt below to test your ability to answer the above questions.

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Ancient Egyptians – History games What2Learn
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