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11 times table game

This interactive learning game on the 11 times tables was created using the What2Learn Game Machine. The author of this Mathematics game has provided the following introduction:

This is for age 7 if you are about to take a times table test.

The questions included in this game are:

  • What is 11 times 12?
  • What is 11 times 10?
  • What is 11 times 9?
  • What is 11 times 5?
  • What is 11 times 4?
  • What is 11 times 3?
  • What is 11 times 2?
  • What is 11 times 1?

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11 times table game GameMaker
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Summary: Users of the game machine are reminded that you need to provide a detailed description of your game (who it is aimed at, how it would be used to support learning in lessons, etc). Dudley almost didn't press the button to create this game as the description was very brief.


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